The Different Types of Rose Variety

Any variety of rose will be a beautiful addition to your garden, but it's important to check which roses will grow best in your region by looking at a regional guide to roses. You can also consider the appearance of the roses as well as their size. 
Here are several of the most popular and beautiful varieties of roses:


These are the most colourful types of roses, and they are bushy shrubs that bloom freely, creating clusters of three to fifteen blossoms instead of just one blossom on a stem. These shrubs can be grown individually but look the most impressive when you plant many rows of them next to each other.

Hybrid Tea.

These are one of the most popular types of roses, which grow as upright bushes that generally have one flower per stem. These may be the roses you're most used to seeing at the florists.

Climbing roses.

These roses add flavor to any garden and typically grow on a fence or a trellis. They have long, arching canes that have many flowers which can cover pillars, walls, or any structure that offers them support.

Miniature roses.

These are the smallest of the rose plants and they can grow anywhere from six inches to two feet tall. These roses flower continuously and are great for container gardening, making borders, and for growing in a small space.

Tree roses (or Standard Rose) .

These roses have a hardy rootstock and are grafted to a long stem that is then grafted to a rose bush at its top. The tree rose is visually stunning but it takes more care for it to survive through the winter.